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Grand Solmar always has its members’ best interests in mind. Whether it is providing travelers with the vacations of their dreams at the breathtaking Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa, or keeping vacationers safe with tips on how to avoid becoming the victim of a travel scam, Grand Solmar is always looking out for its members’ well-being.

Grand Solmar’s latest innovation has to do with protecting its members and other travelers from falling victim to one of the numerous timeshare resale websites and services on the Internet. In order to keep the public informed on these bogus deals, Grand Solmaris setting up a website to provide valuable information and the facts about how these Internet resales really work. Some items to remember about resales are:
What is advertised is not always real

Oftentimes, the units that are advertised are old, meaning that they were built in a later phase or feature older fixtures, etc. It is not uncommon for these discounted resale units to be in places that once enjoyed a great view, yet now feature a view of another building. It is extremely uncommon for the actual location of the unit to be disclosed on a resale website.

The benefits might not be the same

When vacationers buy a timeshare week at one of Grand Solmar’s outstanding units, there are different levels of membership ranging from good benefits to outstanding benefits. These benefits are always changing and improving as Grand Solmar’s amenities improve. That being said, older units usually come with older benefits packages that have since been improved upon as the resort and the company have grown.

Hidden fees can and will be added

There is a complex process that takes place when a resale happens. The documents need to be notarized, which comes with a fee. There are taxes that need to be paid, other fees that must be paid and more. The low, discounted rate seen on the Internet is not the rate that vacationers end up paying.

Grand Solmar hopes that their soon to be revealed website helps members avoid becoming the victim of a resale scam.