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Like many resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Grand Solmar Timeshare is located right on the beach, with a unique view of the world-famous “El Arco.” Staying at a beach resort allows people to relax, be pampered, enjoy the salty air and the feeling of the sand between their toes. Undoubtedly, There will be plenty of people who are going to offer the visitors to a beach resort anything and everything they need. Food and drink can be delivered to a person who wants to enjoy the sound of the waves and the sun while dining on the incredible creations that chefs have whipped up.. While most of the beach resorts provide a variety of legitimate services, not everyone who approaches a person at the beach is going to try to treat them honestly. There are many scam artists that look at these people as their next victims.

One of the most common scams involves people selling jewelry on the beach. There are a couple of ways that they will try to cheat people out of their money.

  • Fake jewelry – The seller of jewelry will make claims about what they are selling that simply are not true. They will offer a string of pearls that they say is real for a very, very low price. Be careful about what you buy on the beach and do not believe everything you are told reminds the Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Squad.
  • Pushy sales – When the seller approaches someone on the beach, they will put the jewelry on the person. A necklace may be put around a person’s neck before the beachgoer realizes it. If the vacationer tries to give it back, the seller will say that they have already bought it and will demand money. It is best to take the jewelry off and put it at the feet of the seller. Do not give them money and if needed, walk away.