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Grand Solmar Timeshare, a top provider in the vacation industry, knows that most travelers out there are in the midst of searching for the next great thing. And all those couples out there who are searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day vacation destination can look no further, since Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the top choices out there.

Not only is Cabo San Lucas one of the most scenically beautiful spots in Mexico, there is also a variety of romantic activities offered in the area that travelers will want to take time out of their busy schedule to enjoy with the one they love. For couples hoping to explore more of the art scene found in the area, the Distrito del Arte (or historic art district) found in nearby San Jose del Cabo is a great choice.

Grand Solmar Timeshare shares there are art walks held weekly during tourist season in the area that offer not only a great showcase of local artists and their works, but also gallery owners who love to talk about the history behind these pieces as well. The locals are one of the top reasons people enjoy visiting Cabo San Lucas so much, and that is because the people found in the city truly are some of the most friendly around. Mix and mingle with new people you meet while out and about—you never know when you could make a new lifelong friend.

Grand Solmar Timeshare knows a visit to Mexico, especially the area of Cabo San Lucas will be a perfect pick for any couple looking for romance this Valentine’s Day. For more information or activities in the area, be sure to do research online or ask others who have visited for other ideas in order to make your trip the best one yet.