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The Grand Solmar scam prevention squad says that no matter where a vacationer travels, they may come in contact with some form of a scam. Whether it is at home or abroad, there are cons out there waiting to take advantage of good people going on vacation. Armed with the correct knowledge, however, these unscrupulous individuals will have a much harder time taking advantage of vacationers this March. Here are three of the most common scams revealed by the experts at the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad.

Be wary of metal detectors.

When going on a flight, it is mandatory that every individual passes through a metal detector. If they have carry-on luggage with them, they are required to place this item on a conveyor belt so that it can pass through an x-ray. Items such as laptops and cameras must be taken out of their cases. One scam that happens at the metal detector is when an individual places their personal belongings on the conveyor belt too early shares the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad.

Once the items have been put on the belt, they go through the x-ray, but the person in front of the traveler sets off the alarm and must empty their pockets, taking a long time to do so. By the time the traveler gets through the metal detector themselves, their laptop and other personal belongings are gone. Never put one’s items on the conveyor belt unless the metal detector is clear advises the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad.

Dropped wallet scam.

This scam plays to most people’s good hearts and willingness to help others. An individual will hurry past a traveler and drop their keys, wallet or another valuable item. Being a good Samaritan, the traveler will quickly jump up to grab the valuables and run after the individual who dropped them to return them. Unfortunately for the traveler, they have left their luggage unattended, and the forgetful person’s accomplice has already swiped their personal belongings.

The Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad shares that if a traveler does see this happen and wishes to return the items to the person, that they have someone watch their bags, bring their bags with them, or just leave the wallet there in order to protect themselves and their luggage.

For more scam avoidance tips and information on what to look out for when traveling, contact the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam prevention squad.